Fluidic Nozzle System


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Tradebe has the technology to re-suspend and dilute sludge banks in tanks with a floating roof. Since the Fluidic Nozzles are introduced into the tank through the roof manways, no cold cutting is needed.

Break up difficult sludge banks with Tradebe's Fluidic Nozzle System

The Fluidic Nozzle System has been developed in house by Tradebe and is designed to clean hydrocarbon deposits in large diameter floating roof crude tanks.

The process starts by introducing the Nozzle(s) through the roof's manway(s). The Nozzle phase is a 24 hour operation, where the tank contents are drawn from the import/export lines and recirculated through a heat exchanger, over the shell of the tank to the fluidic Nozzle.

The Nozzle works hydraulically with a 360º rotation action and recirculates through the loop at 300m3/h maximum (900m3/h at the nozzle outlet with venturi effect) and a working pressure of 6-7 bar.  The temperature of the tank contents increases steadily which places the dense hydrocarbons in suspension. The  fluidic state allows for the maximum recovery of hydrocarbons contained in the sludges.

The system has been developed to avoid the exposure to tank cleaning personnel carrying out hazardous cleaning activities in confined spaces.

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Process Description:

The system works 24 hours a day. The tank contents are drawn from the import/export lines and recirculated at a rate of 1320 gallons/minute. 

The liquefied sludge material is run through a heat exchanger, over the shell of the tank to the Fluidic Nozzle keeping the roof suspended or floating above the liquid.

The large sludge banks are diluted using 6-7 bar of pressure with the roof floating, eliminating the need for nitrogen blanketing and minimizing hydrocarbon emissions. The recirculating system allows Tradebe to remove large banks of sludge before the roof reaches the bottom or lands on the sludge banks.


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