Oily & Biological Sludge Minimization and On-Site & Out-Site Processing


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TRADEBE provides sludge processing solutions including:

  • Pre-treatment
  • Centrifugation
  • Stabilization or thermal treatments.

These solutions include semi-fixed or fixed plant options tailored to suit your specific needs.

If your facility regularly generates large quantities of bio-sludge, slops or tank bottoms, the solution may well be a fixed centrifuge plant that can continuously process the incoming sludge.

This can lead to the recovery of significant amounts of oil that can be re-processed via the refinery and minimize your waste streams.

At TRADEBE, our professional team has the technical knowledge and experience to handle your unique sludge processing requirements on time and in budget - waste extraction, minimization, and/or waste disposal.

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Two or Three Phase Decanter Centrifuge

The phase decanter centrifuges separate liquids and solids (two phase) or oil, water and solids (three phase). This allows the recovery of oil, water and efficient removal of solids.

The recovered oil can be re-processed back through the client’s system providing a significant cost saving.

Filter Press

Sludge separation through plate and frame filter presses minimise the quantity of water held in the solid, which reduces disposal costs. 

Thermal Desorption

Thermal desorption vaporises water and volatile contents in sludge through the indirect heating in an anaerobic chamber (this is not incineration).

Depending on the processing temperature:

Low Temperature (150-300ºC [302-572ºF])

  • Final powder is hazardous, and suitable for energetic valorisation via cement kilns. High Temperature (above 400ºC [752ºF])
  • Higher levels of minimisation
  • Extracts all organic content
  • Final product is non-hazardous waste (depending on country or State legislation)

Advantages of oil treatment technology:

  • Treating sludge at source.
  • Recovering valuable oil from sludge.
  • Optimising crude runs by improving slop oil quality.
  • Minimising offsite disposal.
  • Reducing environmental impact.
  • Reducing down stream fouling problem.
  • Improving water treatment plant performance by removing suspended solids.

Fixed & Semi-Permanent Plant Installations

Tradebe Refinery Services have designed and built fixed and semi-permanent installations in order to maximise the equipment usage.  Set in a suitable location on the clients  site, these installations are used to receive and process a variety of sludges that are produced on a daily basis. The type of installations can be designed according to the customer’s requirement, either by utilising any existing storage facilities or by purpose building new tanks and pipework.


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