SRS – Solids Reduction System


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De-inventory and Extract Sludge from Tanks

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Solids Reduction System

The Solids Reduction System (SRS) simultaneously fluidizes and extracts waste material through any valve 6 inches or larger with no personnel tank entry required. 

The technology is self leveling through hydraulic control values and pin locks as well as a double block valve with packing gland for leak protection.  

Waste material can be effectively drawn from tank in minutes.

TRADEBE has a unique technology to fluidize and extract waste material through any valve 6 inches or larger with no personnel tank entry required.

  • The Solid Reduction System (SRS) inserts 2 inner pipes contained in an outer pipe in through the tank valve.
  • The first inner pipe is a 2 inch high pressure wash diluent stream, which fluidizes the sludge and suspends, as a slurry, inside the tank.
  • The second 4 inch outer pipe extracts the suspended sludge and diluent stream with suction.
  • The material is then pumped into our separation equipment and the diluent is reused in the process. The sludge is then disposed or reprocessed.



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Closed System Benefits include

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  • Simplified cleaning process
  • Minimization of costly diluent
  • Minimization of diluent reprocessing impact
  • Waste material can be drawn from the tank in minutes
  • SRS can process up to 200 tons of sludge per day
  • Double block valve with packing gland for leak protection
  • Self-leveling using hydraulic control valves and pin locks


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