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Waste extraction, waste minimization, waste disposal - Tradebe does it all!

If your facility regularly generates large quantities of bio-sludge, slops or tank bottoms, the solution may well be a fixed centrifuge plant that can continuously process the incoming sludges.                                      

This can lead to the recovery of significant amounts of oil that can be re-processed via the refinery and minimize your waste streams.

For slightly smaller quantities of sludge, or for a one-off lagoon or pit clean, a solution may be to install a temporary or semi-fixed centrifuge plant.

This can operate for a specific period of time to process the required amount of sludge.

At the start of your project, Tradebe will run a centrifuge test sample and a filter press test sample to determine the appropriate technology for your material.


The following custom technologies are available:

Filter press

Filter presses use a high pressure pump to force sludge through a 50 micron filtration screen. This mechanical force is an application to dewater sludge for disposal, purify a product or break water hungry emulsion slop oils. Tradebe has been able to break and separate many slop oil emulsions that cannot be chemically separated. If waste cannot be separated using filtration, another option is centrifugation.

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Decanters – Horizontal Centrifugation

Sludge can be separated by using differences in density between water, oil and solids. Decanters use centripetal force to separate the two or three phases. Two phase centrifugation separates liquids and solids, three phase centrifugation separates difficult oily sludge into water, oil and solid cake. Good quality recovered oil can be separated and re-used through the refinery process. Water removed can be treated through the refinery’s effluent treatment system. The solids produced are stackable and can be stored in bags prior to thermal treatment or disposal

Vertical Discstack Centrifugation

Vertical centrifuges are able to clean liquid phases using centripetal forces generated by high speed rotation in a centrifuge. These are usually used on the oil phase after treatment through a horizontal centrifuge, but they can also be used to treat slurry oils to remove catalytic contamination. It is able to achieve oil with water and solids content of less than 0.5%.

Not only does Tradebe have a wide range of decanters and centrifuges, but these are supplied with the required number of experienced supervisors and operators, all of whom are fully trained to work in a refinery or chemical plant environment.


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