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Formed in 1989, Tradebe Refinery Services manufacture and operate a range of equipment for safe and efficient sludge quantification, removal and processing.

We work  worldwide with many major international and state owned oil, petrochemical, storage terminal and energy companies on a regular and repeat basis.
Tradebe has operated on-site sludge treatment plants in more than 17 countries for major oil companies.

The sludges formed in tanks, pits, lagoons and separators present the industry with significant Health and Safety and Environmental issues. Tradebe Refinery Services excel in providing best practice solutions to difficult problems. Using our highly experienced team we develop services and products which are designed to improve Health and Safety and Environmental performance for both Client and Contractor. We always deliver a cost effective outcome.

Tradebe has extensive experience in the recovery and recycling of spent acids, hydrocarbons and solvents, as well as in the management of marine waste (Marpol) and wastes generated by oil refineries. As a division of Tradebe, we are able to offer a range of complimentary hazardous waste management products and  services including the collection, transfer, treatment, recovery and/or disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Tradebe processes hazardous waste through physiochemical, biological or thermal processes, such as centrifuging, evaporation, fixation, distillation, filtration, neutralization or thermal desorption. 

Tradebe Refinery Services has developed and introduced several innovative technologies in the market: 

  • Low and High temperature thermal desorption technology to treat oily sludge.
  • Oil tank profiling with sonar technology.
  • Automatic tank cleaning with nozzle system.
  • Removal of sludge from pits/lagoons whilst in service.

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